Amazon door desk

How to build your own Amazon door desk

Learn from an original Amazon employee how to turn frugality into furniture. It just takes a few supplies and six simple steps.

What you need to get started
– a solid-core door for the desktop
– four 4x4s to use as legs
– braces to connect the legs to the desktop
– screws

The basic build
Tips from Nico Lovejoy, Amazon employee number five. Watch him build a desk and tell the story of this classic piece of Amazon frugality.

Lay out all the materials and tools. Keep the screws in a convenient container (like a bowl or small box).
Amazon door desk

Screw a triangle brace onto each leg, about a ½” from edge of 4×4. Make sure to align the top of the leg with the top of the brace.
Amazon door desk

Screw an inside brace onto each leg, aligning the top of the leg with the inside edge of the brace.
Amazon door desk

Carefully position the leg just inside the corner of the door.
Amazon door desk

Attach the braces to the door. Use enough screws to ensure a firm attachment.

With two people, flip the desk over and get to work.
Amazon door desk